Moving Abroad: How Galleon International Can Help You Settle In?

Whilst moving overseas is an exciting and thrilling prospect, the actual relocation process brings a number of unique challenges. Whether that’s finding your feet in the new community you’re living in; setting up a bank account in another currency or securing a job for your spouse. Moving abroad has many hurdles for you and your family.

Potentially, adapting to the new culture and learning the language can be the hardest parts of moving. After all, without a proper understanding of how to communicate with your neighbours, colleagues and local community. You will struggle to accomplish anything.

First of all, to overcome the language and culture obstacles you can enroll yourself into culture and language classes with your company’s corporate relocation service. As a result, you can ensure that you are able to communicate effectively when arriving in your host countries.

At Galleon International, we can arrange a variety of cultural and language training programmes which the whole family can take part in. The language and cultural experts will assess you on four major language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. They will also provide consistent evaluations to continuously improve your language skills.

Our experts can also arrange group lessons for employees on site at your company’s facilities or a physical location of the company’s choosing.

The employer can check all of your training. These are often benchmarked to internationally recognised assessment scales such as the Common European Frame of Reference scale.

How can Galleon International help you and your family?

At Galleon International, we help to support companies and their employees with the moving overseas process and their corporate moving needs. As professional moving specialists, we understand the importance of being flexible and organised. Especially when working with families. Therefore the team at Galleon provide a service which is stress-free and seamless. Allowing you to focus on your new and exciting role.

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What To Include in A Relocation Policy?

Just like any other HR policy, having a well-thought out and thorough relocation policy ensures:

● Consistency.

● Reduces the chance of any unexpected costs.

● The guarantee that transferees understand the terms and benefits of their relocation package.

A good policy should clearly indicate the scope of the financial and administrative support that is being offered. This should start with the qualifying criteria through to the process of ending the transfer. At a basic level, your policy should include submission of expenses and any time limits your company may have. You should also explain the benefits as well as how taxable benefits will be treated.

But, if these processes differ from international and domestic moves; then you may prefer to have two separate policies to cover all of the finer details.

Our experts at Galleon International have put together a list of criteria that you should include in your relocation policy:

Removals Assistance – When writing your policy, be sure to include details of the packing, unpacking and insurance fees. As well as provisions for sea and air shipment and any allowances for storage.

● Sales of Existing Residence – Don’t forget to consider the fees your employees might acquire from their existing home. These fees could include agent fees and legal fees; surveyors; conveyancing and taxes, and reimbursement on rental properties.

Relocation Assistance – If you are offering the assistance of a specialist corporate relocation service such as Galleon International. Then you will need to outline the services provided by your relocation specialists.

Additional Support – There are a number of hidden extras that are needed once your employee has been transferred. These are often overlooked when writing relocation policies. Whether that’s job finding support for their spouse or partner, cultural training or moving management. As an employer you can help the whole move go smoothly.

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How Will Changes to the United Kingdom’s Immigration Rules Affect Your Employees?

On 7th December 2017, the Home Office published a ‘Statement of Changes’ for the immigration rules governing the United Kingdom.

These new changes to our immigration process will be implemented this Thursday (January 11th). It’s important that you, as an employer, understand how these new rules will impact your employees. You should also talk to the employees family members who are planning their international relocation.

So, what are the changes to the UK immigration rules?

● Before these changes were in place, to be able to apply to a Tier 2 General visa, Tier 4 General visa students would have had to pass their courses. From January 11th, Tier 4 students can pursue a Tier 2 General visa application after they complete their studies.

● For partners of point-based system migrants… The rules are changing to reflect the current system for spouses as well as settled migrants. The phrase “subsisting” is changing to “genuine and subsisting”. Consequently, partners should provide evidence of cohabitation during the application process.

● In addition, there will be a new restriction for Tier 2 General visa partners and other point-based system migrants. These restrictions will limit absences to 180 days per year. Prior to these changes of rules, the dependent spouse of a Tier 2 General visa holder could spend most of their time outside of the country. Yet they could still receive indefinite leave in order to remain in line with their partner.

What will happen after these changes?

Following these changes, the total number of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visas will double from 1,000 to 2,000. These visas will be allocated to the ‘Designated Bodies’ who will then assign them to the employees who they believe are talented in their field.

But what does this mean for you and your employees?

It is recommended that employees speak to their transferees as well as their families about the changes affecting the UK’s immigration rules. If you believe your families have been impacted by these changes, then you should help them to receive guidance as well as taking appropriate actions regarding their specific circumstance.

How can Galleon International help?

Furthermore, the team at Galleon International support companies and employees with the moving overseas process and their corporate moving needs. As professional moving specialists, we understand the importance of being flexible and organised. That’s why we provide a service which is stress-free and seamless. We allow your employees’ focus to be on their new and exciting role.

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Why 40% of all corporate relocations fail & how to prevent this

It is common place for prosperous businesses to relocate employees for overseas assignments. This is as opposed to hiring domestic workers who may be unfamiliar with the procedures and expectations of the organisation. However, whilst moving staff abroad boasts an array of benefits such as more predictable results and enhanced opportunities for the staff members; it comes at an average cost of around £90,000 per international transfer!

It is therefore pivotal that large-scale corporations invest wisely in their procedures for relocation, this is to ensure consistent results for their working projects overseas. Despite this necessity, it has been reported that 40% of all overseas assignments are judged to be failures; 70% of these cases were attributed to family issues.

HR Departments

Although fraught relations within the family ranks as the top reason for returning home prematurely after an international relocation; there are many ways that HR departments can actively prevent the stress of relocation. One of the ways is the help from specialists who are equipped with essential knowledge so that they can prevent this stress; such as the valued staff members here at Galleon International.

In order to ease this transition and to prevent difficulties when adjusting to the new location; Galleon International Shipping offer the following invaluable services:

1. Expense management during relocation

Your employees will find peace of mind with the knowledge that their payments, rent and deposits are going to be managed in a timely manner; within budget and per all necessary regulations.

2. School search

Ensuring children are sufficiently catered for is inevitably a key priority for any parent, which will be heightened with the stress of relocation. Here at Galleon International, we provide crucial information for all of the conveniently located schools. We help to prepare application documents as well as checking for availability when required.

3. Settling in services

Furthermore, our team work hard to prepare for all necessary provisions. Our team will register the employee and their family with local doctors and dentists; as well as help to set up bank accounts and more, which will be as required by the employee.

4. Language and cross-cultural training

This training allows your employee to effectively integrate into their new location. This will enable family members to make friends and to recognise local norms quicker. These types of services are available for both adults and children.

5. Spousal assistance

Successful corporate relocations cannot happen without spousal or partner support. Therefore, Galleon International place equal importance on the needs of the employee’s partner. Galleon help to find the partners a job as well as helping to support with their healthcare should this be required.

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