Making Your Global Mobility Program Millennial Proof with Galleon International

The word ‘Millennial’ is typically thrown around to complain about young people’s lack of ambition and laziness. It is also used in the media to discuss trends amongst people of a certain age group. But what does it really mean?

The term officially describes those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s. The reason this generation differ so much from their parents; the ‘Baby Boomers’, and previous generations is because they are the most familiar with communication; media and digital technology. Growing up in a time where the internet was created and everything became accessible online; this generation value convenience above all else.

According to new research by GFK, on behalf of hospitality giant Airbnb; millennials see travel as a higher priority than saving up for a home or a car – or even than paying off a debt. In fact, a millennial travel company called Contiki, have noticed an upward trend in younger people spending money on travel; with a 10 per cent rise on the average spend of clients from 18 to 35.

As this generation emerge into the workplace, it’s important that businesses adapt for the new wave of employees as well as their beliefs and values. Millennials are often cited as having a strong sense of civic responsibility; a healthy work-life balance and socially liberal views. As well as this, with travel being an important factor for this new generation of workers, how can you adapt your corporate global mobility program to suit them?

Personalised Policies – Does your current global mobility policy have multiple static levels which are based on individual’s job titles? Why not try to introduce a customisable policy for all of your employees i.e. when catering for spouses and their children, you should consider whether a house or flat is better for their needs. Some of the important values for Millennials are flexibility; work-life balance; equality and openness. By adding flexible and tailored options for the individual; they are more likely to stick with your company for longer.

Give Them Options – Instead of awarding set budgets to different areas of your policy. You should offer millennials a lump sum to mastermind their own move, which could then benefit you and your employee. After all, millennials like to know their options and so by adapting the policy for their own needs it is a great way to allow them to do this.

Stay Tech Savvy – Generation Y is renowned for being the generation who were raised on and with technology. Therefore, they appreciate the convenience provided by digital and mobile means as well as apps which are designed to aid the global mobility and international relocation process.

Is your global mobility program in need of a refresh? Why not get in touch with Galleon International and our team of global relocation experts! Since 1980, we have supported companies and their employees with the moving overseas process and their corporate moving needs.

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Top Budgeting Tips for Corporate Relocation

Unlike previous decades. Our current digital driven business landscape has opened up the possibility of moving overseas an entire department or branch of your business. However, it is not without its challenges.

For some companies, the prospect of moving your team to a different region or country makes economic sense. Yet, despite attempting to boost your bottom-line revenue. Moving abroad comes with a number of costs which can add up pretty quickly if done incorrectly!

At Galleon International, our team have put together a list of tips to bear in mind when considering an overseas move for your business.

Get Estimates from Multiple Corporate Relocation Services

As soon as you have decided where your team will be moving to. You need to start thinking about the logical aspects of moving. After all, moving offices and employees can be a massive undertaking and you’re going to want a team of global relocation experts to help you get the most value from moving.

We recommend you obtain a number of estimates from reputable moving firms like Galleon International Shipping. Find the one that best suits your business relocation budget.

Understand Your Rights As A Business

In the UK, there are a number of guidelines that both the international moving company and yourselves must adhere to. Before, during and after relocating employees. For example, your moving experts must move your client’s belongings in a timely manner. Providing a written record of the valuables being dispatched. It’s important to ask your moving company about these guidelines before you go ahead. To ensure the entire logistical process runs smoothly.

Work With A Relocation Management Company

A selected Galleon International corporate relocation management company will have expert knowledge and extensive experience within corporate relocation services. We will be able to provide you and your employees with the resources and tools you will need to ensure a smooth and successful relocation process.

Providing ongoing employee support services, supplier management, relocation benefits and expense management like our corporate global mobility services do, is crucial.

Here at Galleon International. We can help to manage your business relocation budget and offer your employees a positive, stress-free moving experience.

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Changes to Australian Permanent Visa and Transitional Arrangements Criteria

In late January, Australia announced there would be new criteria for Australia Permanent Visas and Transitional Arrangements starting in March 2018. These changes are set to impact any clients sponsoring transferees and current Visa holders in Australia.

Following the previous Visa and agreements. There will be new, stricter requirements. Regarding your occupation, salary, age and work experience. Clients may also face a new skills levy. Which will fund training programs for Australian workers.

Some of the major changes to Australian Visas and Transitional Arrangements include:

● Firstly, salary must meet the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (A$53,900)

● Residency period waiting time increases to three years from the current two for permanent residency.

● Applicants must have at least three years of work experience in the employment category.

● Age limited has been reduced to 45 from the current age of 50.

● There will be a training levy of A$3000 up to A$5000. Depending on the size of your company.

What impact will the changes have on clients and transferees?

With the changes effective from March. The current 457 Visa program will end with the new Temporary Skills Shortage Visa replacing it. Due to this, some of the 457 Visa holders will be subject to transitional provisions starting at this time.

In addition, transferees holding a 457 Visa as of 18th April 2017 and those who applied for a 457 Visa from this date, are eligible for transitional provisions.  In addition, these transitional provisions will allow the previous occupation requirements. Maximum age of 50 and minimum length of two years in their employment.

Moreover, as a client who has transferees working in Australia on the current 457 Visa, you will need to communicate the changes with your employees. Transferees holding the current Visa who are eligible for permanent residence should apply prior to March. As the new requirements may limit the number of skilled employees allowed for permanent residency.

How can Galleon International help you and your family?

As experts in the corporate relocation industry. Our team help to support companies and their employees with the moving overseas process and their corporate moving needs. As professional moving surveyors. We understand the importance of being flexible and organised. Especially when working with businesses and the transferees’ families.

Therefore, the team at Galleon International can provide a stress-free and seamless service. Allowing you to focus on the important tasks ahead.

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How Spouse and Partner Career Support Can Benefit Your Employees?

When agreeing to relocate as part of their job. Employees will be taking in to consideration the company’s corporate relocation programs and services. After all, there is a wide range of technology and tools that make the moving overseas process so much easier and smoother.

However, when an employee is offered an overseas move. It’s important to consider their spouse or partner’s needs and involve them in the corporate moving process. Often, a new job for the transferee means a job change for their spouse or partner as well. In addition to moving abroad. The more support and information your company is able to provide to the employee’s significant other. The more likely the relocation will be successful!

Therefore, along with services targeted to the transferee. It’s important your global mobility scheme must provide support services for spouses and partners.

At Galleon International. We have been helping businesses and families make the leap into global relocation for decades. Our team of global relocation experts have put together a list of programs you can offer your employee’s family when moving away:

1. Spouse/Partner Pre-Decision Support

Firstly, prior to making the big decision, spouses and partners should receive consultation. Allowing them to ask any questions or raise any concerns they may have about their new location. This could include: local average salary information, cost of living assessments, job market information. Or questions about local companies and organisations they may be interested in.

At Galleon International. Our experts will work with both the company and your employees to arrange pre-decision meetings. Acting as a middle-man to help voice any of the partner or spouse’s concerns.

2. Online Assistance

Unfortunately, your corporate relocation services team cannot be by your employee’s side 24/7. However, using an online assistance portal can help answer any questions they may have about their new location. Providing a more personal level support for the assignee.

In addition, providing information to support local job searches or professional development opportunities. This service is a good addition and helpful resource for your employee’s partner.

3. Professional Career Services

Keep in mind that this could be the partner’s first time applying for a job in a new location. Meaning this will be a strange, new experience for them! By offering a structured careers program. It will help them create their personal brand via LinkedIn profiles and resume writing assistance.

At Galleon International, we provide a wide range of these corporate relocation programs so the transferee’s families are prepared to participate in the relocation process. With a focus on success and positivity. Our team is bursting with professional moving specialists who understand the importance of being flexible and organised when moving overseas.

Therefore, for more information on how your business could benefit from Galleon International’s, corporate global mobility services. Get in touch today on 01708 868 068.