Changes for Swiss Businesses in Summer 2018

As from July 2018, Swiss employers must voice any job openings that have a higher than average unemployment rate. The Federal Council have announced that from 1st July; they will list any occupations with an 8% or higher unemployment rate. By 2020, industries with a 5% or higher unemployment rate will be required to notify the council of any job openings.

What is the current issue?

In 2014, Switzerland adopted an initiative called ‘Against Mass Immigration’. This initiative limits the quota of people moving to the country. However, the Swiss Parliament passed a compromise immigration law in 2016, in the hopes that the country could continue to keep its enhanced access to the European Union’s single market.

This new law required employers to advertise job opportunities in occupations that saw higher than average unemployment levels to job centres. It also prioritised the local residents for jobs that may have previously recruited from outside of the country. However, the ‘Against Mass Immigration’ initiative has since ended and the new requirements for 2018 have been brought in; this is to ensure that the local job seekers get priority over job openings than anyone else.

Who will this effect and how will it affect them?

For employers and employees based in Switzerland; the new requirement is bound to affect you. For employers looking to hire workers from outside the country; you will be expected to advertise your job openings via the local job centre. Then you will have to wait five business days before advertising elsewhere.

Once the jobcentre receives applications from the local job seekers; they must send them to the employer within three days, where you will be expected to interview the prospective candidates.

How can Galleon International help you and your business?

At Galleon International, we help to manage and support companies to relocate employees to destinations like Switzerland; Singapore and the United States. As global relocation experts; our knowledge of the process of moving overseas and our experience with transferee management has helped many employees settle into their new jobs abroad.

Therefore, if you would like to speak to the Galleon International team of experts about our corporate relocation options. Get in touch today on 01708 868 068.

Corporate Relocation: A personal service is essential

A large part of moving overseas for work does, of course, involve obtaining visas; organising finances and research into how a foreign workplace operates. Besides all this, there is a huge personal aspect to accommodate. Whether conducting a big corporate move or an individual has been given a lump sum to move overseas. People need to be considered in any overseas moving process. As such, Galleon International provide Move Management to identify any problems that individuals might face or any anxiety that is likely to be experienced before departure.

A company might be moving a whole team of people overseas at one time. But their experiences; feelings towards it and settling in processes will not be the same. It is therefore essential to implement a service that is concerned with not only the task of moving; but with those at the centre of it. Content employees have been found to be up to 20% more productive in the workplace. So it is important that your employees’ productivity also moves overseas with them.

Those being relocated will not only need someone who will advise them on which company to use. Pack their goods and direct them through the documents they will need to be signing. But they will also require emotional support for themselves and their family. Galleon International know that simply providing facts is not enough and the emotional support that is required when relocating people and their families is paramount.

The inclusion of a Move Manager makes the service Galleon International offer both a highly professional and informative experience. It also offers a very personal experience. This has proved to be successful during our years of experience. Assisting in the moving process in a number of important ways. Without this kind of support, companies run the risk of having employees who struggle to settle in and do not work well. Or simply feel they cannot continue living in a foreign country without the right knowledge and support. Using a service that takes a personal approach is beneficial for many reasons, including:

A Move Manager can help someone grow accustomed to their new home

Our Move Managers start research early. This will have huge benefits as it decreases the element of surprise when people arrive in their new home. Culture shock is natural. But the effects will be less dramatic if a client at least knows some of what to expect. We have knowledge specific to various countries and so a Move Manager offers more than a one size fits all approach.

A Move Manager gets to know the client, as well as their job

In terms of personal service, a higher quality approach is needed. To us, it is just as important that we get to know the client. Without doing this, we would not be able to offer advice that suits their particular needs. Or know how to help them and their family settle into their new home. Custom relocation services are those with the best success rate. Therefore, this is what Galleon International strive for.

A Move Manager is available throughout the process

To an extent, preparing to relocate overseas is only half the work. The real work begins when you arrive in the country that you have been located to; when you have to adapt to living and working somewhere new. That is why a Move Manager supports those being relocated even once they have left their home country. Ensuring they still have the information they need to get to know new surroundings.

China Working Visas and Work Permits: What you need to know

At the end of 2017, the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau changed the way in which people relocating to China for work could apply for and obtain visas and permits. While the changes should make the application process simpler; they will immediately affect any company that plans on sending employees to China; or those who had already started an application for a working visa. It is also vital that companies know about the aspects that have stayed the same when applying for a visa.

While the application process has been made easier by the Shanghai Bureau; employees will also have to make further visa arrangements when they arrive. After 30 days, the visa they have been granted will expire and be replaced by a Resident Permit. Employees will likely need a day off work to be granted their Resident Permit from the nearest visa office. In addition to this, a foreign worker will need to liaise with their local Chinese authorities to be granted a Foreigner’s Work permit, which will be sent to them.

This foreigner’s Work Permit is the new kind of document that those relocating to China should be aware of. When applying, workers will now have to place themselves within one of three categories; High-End Foreign Talents; Foreign Professional Talents and Other Foreigners.

How can Galleon International help you?

Galleon International are constantly kept up to date with changes in visa applications as well as the obtaining of visas. This then reduces a lot of the stress and uncertainty that comes with relocating abroad.

Relocation experts can offer advice as to the most convenient ways to apply for a visa and advise those moving, on all of the documents they will need to accompany an application and entry into China. As Galleon International offer support once individuals have relocated beyond departure. We can also help you continue your visa process when you arrive in China. There is often a lot of information and requirements when applying and the process can seem complicated and stressful. Especially when those being relocated have plenty of other things on their mind.

If you would like to speak Galleon International’s team of experts about our corporate relocation options. Get in touch today on 01708 868 068

Common Concerns for Employees When Relocating And How You Can Solve Them

With relocation on the rise. Businesses are now tackling problematic scenarios they have never experienced previously. Whether it’s struggling to find their employees the right accommodation, or settling in the family correctly. It’s your job as the employer to address any issues that arise during the moving overseas process.

If you’re planning to relocate your employees; why not get ahead of the game and right those wrongs before they even occur?

At Galleon International, our team have put together a list of the most common concerns your employees may have about relocating.

1. Spouse employment opportunities – When relocating, it’s not just the employee you have to worry about, it’s their family too! Even if it’s just a partner they’re bringing with them. You will need to consider job prospects for them too before they move abroad. While you cannot guarantee getting them employed. As a business, you should at least spend some time researching and share job opportunities in the new location with them.

2. Quality of education – Often, you will be relocating employees with partners and families who depend on them. Not only do you have to settle your employee into their new job; but the spouse and children must be settled into their new home – and for the kids, their new school. Your employee may be uncertain about the quality of schools in the area but a good global relocation programme will be able to address these concerns. Providing useful information to put them at ease and help make their choice.

3. Finding housing options – One of the hardest parts of relocating is saying goodbye to your home, neighbourhood, friends and the area you live in. The uncertainty of the new location such as: real estate prices, neighbours and climate can also cause reason for concern for your employee. As a business, you can offer to help the sale of the current home and the search for the new home to make the more difficult parts easier.

Get in touch with the team at Galleon International who support companies and employees with the moving overseas process and their corporate moving needs. We understand the importance of being flexible and organized. That’s why we provide a service which is stress-free and seamless!

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