Benefits of Outsourcing Your Relocation Programme with Galleon International

For companies who want to stay ahead of their competitors and attract highly-qualified employees, it is important that employers offer a well-designed corporate relocation programme.

Typically, employees look for a relocation programme that provides them with a wide range of benefits and services. This is to ensure that they have an easy and smooth move. Therefore, companies who can offer a relocation programme managed entirely in-house will face several challenges when they try to meet the demands and expectations of moving abroad for work.

There are many benefits when outsourcing relocation programmes to global relocation experts. So, here are five key challenges you may face and how using a global mobility company can help you and your employees:

1. Poor Cost Tracking

When managing your employee’s relocation in-house, you may run-away with the logistics of the relocation process. As a result, your programme costs are often forgotten about and ignored. Without an effective way of tracking your expenses; the costs of relocation will be hidden and cannot be effectively controlled or minimized.

By outsourcing this, your provider will be able to track and review your relocation budget on your behalf.

2. Multiple Managers in Various Locations

Unfortunately, local HR teams may have different interpretations of programmes and policies. This means that these variations can impact the benefits that transferees receive.

However, when you outsource to a relocation company; the experts will benefit from a central programme management with local and global support. Available at all times, you will receive a consistent and coherent programme that is supported in all locations, with no differences in interpretation.

3. Assignment Failure

All companies plan for a successful relocation experience for their transferees. To limit and, in many cases, eradicate potential failure, we actively encourage interaction at an early stage. Greater familiarity and local knowledge shared by destination industry partners can identify potential challenges and thus make the assignment all the more appealing; crucially lessening the burden of work facing in-house HR teams.

Companies can benefit from a specialised and unique programme if you were to outsource your relocation programme. As experts in relocation, they are able to provide you with information regarding tax issues, visa applications and compliance reporting.


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Galleon – Questions to Ask Your Corporate Relocation Team

At Galleon International, we believe that companies achieve more success when they deliver bespoke programmes. Tailoring services to meet your specific requirements is our forte and it is this kind of flexibility that is important when helping families moving abroad.

So, how can you be sure that the company you choose to help with your relocation is providing you with the best possible programme for your business?

We have put together five questions to ask your international moving company to ensure you receive a bespoke, tailored service:

1. Does the programme align with our needs? Once you have had your initial meeting with a relocation company, they should thoroughly review and understand your mobility needs; objectives; move patterns; locations and any other specific requirements you may have. Be sure to ask your relocation team how their programme will address each of these areas and how it will then align with your company’s worldwide mobility needs.

2. Does your programme provide a dedicated account management and mobility consulting? Any good provider of corporate relocation services will pair you with a dedicated account manager. Therefore, you can be sure that your needs are going to be met quickly and efficiently. If you’re unsure, just ask your relocation company if they will provide you with a manager as well as mobility consulting so that your HR, procurement and recruiting team will have access to expert advice and guidance.

3. Is there a single point of contact? During your initial meeting, you should ask the company if they will provide a single point of contact for your employees and their families. When relocating your employees, it’s important that you have a dedicated advocate who understands your families’ specific needs. This point of contact also allows for easy communication and 24/7 assistance for the employee throughout their relocation process.

4. Does your programme provide access to partners? It’s important your employees receive the very best service throughout their relocation. Therefore, it’s important that your relocation company has access to partners around the globe who can provide you with accommodation; shipping companies and financial care etc. As a corporate relocation company, they should have access to a world-class network of providers.

5. What technology does your programme use? Your employees and their families will want to have access to user-friendly tools and features to ensure that their relocation runs as smooth and easy as possible. Find out what technology the company use and whether it will help your employees.