We have access to all the ‘Local’ knowledge you need to know.

Knowing that such an expanse of information is so readily available on the Internet; the challenge can be how to find the information that is both relevant and personal to your new Country.

Given the nature of our business, it is fair to presume that here at Galleon International, we have access to facts and knowledge pertinent to the new Country you are relocating to. Whilst we may not have all the answers, we have through our many years of relocating people globally, long-standing relationships with Industry Partners and Agents Overseas.

They frequently provide useful cultural information, and primary contact details for all the bodies you may require in the period of settling-in. If you have chosen not to take advantage of an Orientation Trip prior to your departure, then this is something that can be easily arranged on your arrival.

Packing doesn’t have to be that daunting task. We can help.

At Galleon International, we have come to appreciate all the stresses that are associated with packing up a household. No two homes are the same and we understand that it is important that we use our experience and understanding to put your minds at ease from the time of our arrival in your home.

We have our thoughts and plans as to how we wish to approach each move; but it is more important we instil confidence by listening to what matters most to you. We are there to pack your effects in the most secure and safe, tried and trusted methods for International forwarding. Our Standards are established from thorough training and our ability to pack in the most appropriate materials identified for each piece. We methodically work our way through each room, ensuring that everything we handle is destined for your new life overseas.

Our desire is for your Effects to arrive intact and ready to position in your new home.

Make sure nothing gets left behind.

Prior to the arrival of the Packing Crew, we would strongly recommend that you make some time to carry out a ‘Walk Through’ of each room of your home and of every aspect outside.

Separate your furnishings into three categories:

  • What’s going
  • What’s staying
  • What’s being disposed of

Having done this, you will find some comfort and assurance that you have viewed and considered everything. You are now ready to progress with your move overseas.

ONE VITAL TIP: Be especially careful if you are planning to travel shortly after we pack up your belongings, by placing all your Documents and Passports together with any baggage that will be accompanying you.