How The Digital Revolution Will Affect The Future Workforce

A study by global relocation experts has shown that the ‘employees’ use of social media and smart technology is shaping their expectations of how workplace communication should be operated. At the same time, technology is also changing the way that organisations identify with mobile talent. As well as the way that they engage with employees from recruitment to redeployment.

They have identified a growing willingness to feedback and share information about overseas assignments amongst the younger employees. In return, these employees expect the organisations to be open. They also expect them to respond in a two-way conversation.

Following the study, the same question has been asked by experts in global mobility; are digital technologies beneficial for relocating employees?

Danny Taggart is a director in the Deloitte’s Global Workforce team. He argues that ‘digital technologies offer a massive opportunity for the global mobility function and mobile employees alike.’

“The diversity of the talent in the workforce is changing, along with employee perspectives,” he says. “Think of the ‘traditional expat’ posted overseas 20 years ago, and compare this with the expectations and the needs of millennials today. Technology is the enabler to meet the rapidly shifting demands of the modern workforce.”

Moreover, it has been argued that employee openness is a result of generational influence. For example, millennials are very conversant with mobile and digital tools. They are also comfortable with providing feedback in real-time and they expect responses in a similar time frame. Their use of technology in their personal lives has driven an expectation for the corporate services.

However, this feedback and the monitoring will only be successful if the employee feels that they are being listened to. As well as the fact that decisions are made with the feedback in mind. This is similar when it comes to relocating employees overseas.

A lot of successful overseas placements are about setting the right expectations. After all, moving abroad can be stressful and can be challenging for the employee. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the experience is positive for them.

As global relocation experts, Galleon International are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends. They are also kept up to date with the changes that are related to moving overseas and working abroad. Our team can pass this information onto the relevant corporate moving clients. We do this to reduce the stress and the uncertainty that comes with relocating abroad.

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How Our Corporate Moving Process Works

Since our establishment in 1980, Galleon International has aided numerous illustrious brands, companies and corporations in deploying employees overseas and ensuring a smooth transition in all aspects of this changeover period.

We understand that company’s responsible for these global relocations rarely have the time or specific knowledge in ensuring everything is put in place before, during and after the international relocation. That’s why Galleon International has a strategic and tailor-made approach to ensuring a seamless transition overseas.

A bespoke consultation with our professional Moving Surveyors

A successful move must begin with a thorough and professional survey to determine your company’s unique and specific requirements. Our highly-trained, in-house surveyors will put the essential groundwork in place for your move by undertaking a detailed assessment.

This survey includes an evaluation of aspects such as: the volume and nature of household goods and personal effects, concerns which need to be considered and any other specific requirements your business may have. Our surveyors will also ensure every detail of the process is covered, from transportation and shipping right through to required documentation and final delivery on the consignment. Our surveyors will then create an entirely bespoke time-plan and hand over to one of our dedicated Move Managers.

Assignment to a personal Galleon International Account Manager

Our dedicated Account Managers will direct and oversee the entire corporate moving process, from start to finish. This means your business and your employees will always have a direct point of contact throughout the move, who can help and deal with any enquiries you may have.

The moving process

While every company virtuaand employee is unique in their requirements, we have a highly strategic approach to ensuring the moving process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our Virtual Survey app can be used on your device, which allows you or your employees to simply point at the goods that need to be moved within a home or office and a quote will be sent to you within 24 hours.

We will then organise storage, transportation and professional packing of your goods. In this process, we also provide insurance packages that are most suited to your company, to ensure every eventuality is covered. All necessary documentation for the destination country will also be handled by our experts.

My Move Tracking System

We provide both assignees and employees with a unique log in and password which allows you to check the progress of your move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our messaging facility within this tracking system also provides complete assurance of where your shipment is in its transit schedule.

Here at Galleon International, London we guide and support our valued clients through every step of an overs, priding ourselves on our fully bespoke, start-to-finish service and attention to detail. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch today on 01708 868 068 or email