Making Your Global Mobility Program Millennial Proof with Galleon International

The word ‘Millennial’ is typically thrown around to complain about young people’s lack of ambition and laziness. It is also used in the media to discuss trends amongst people of a certain age group. But what does it really mean?

The term officially describes those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s. The reason this generation differ so much from their parents; the ‘Baby Boomers’, and previous generations is because they are the most familiar with communication; media and digital technology. Growing up in a time where the internet was created and everything became accessible online; this generation value convenience above all else.

According to new research by GFK, on behalf of hospitality giant Airbnb; millennials see travel as a higher priority than saving up for a home or a car – or even than paying off a debt. In fact, a millennial travel company called Contiki, have noticed an upward trend in younger people spending money on travel; with a 10 per cent rise on the average spend of clients from 18 to 35.

As this generation emerge into the workplace, it’s important that businesses adapt for the new wave of employees as well as their beliefs and values. Millennials are often cited as having a strong sense of civic responsibility; a healthy work-life balance and socially liberal views. As well as this, with travel being an important factor for this new generation of workers, how can you adapt your corporate global mobility program to suit them?

Personalised Policies – Does your current global mobility policy have multiple static levels which are based on individual’s job titles? Why not try to introduce a customisable policy for all of your employees i.e. when catering for spouses and their children, you should consider whether a house or flat is better for their needs. Some of the important values for Millennials are flexibility; work-life balance; equality and openness. By adding flexible and tailored options for the individual; they are more likely to stick with your company for longer.

Give Them Options – Instead of awarding set budgets to different areas of your policy. You should offer millennials a lump sum to mastermind their own move, which could then benefit you and your employee. After all, millennials like to know their options and so by adapting the policy for their own needs it is a great way to allow them to do this.

Stay Tech Savvy – Generation Y is renowned for being the generation who were raised on and with technology. Therefore, they appreciate the convenience provided by digital and mobile means as well as apps which are designed to aid the global mobility and international relocation process.

Is your global mobility program in need of a refresh? Why not get in touch with Galleon International and our team of global relocation experts! Since 1980, we have supported companies and their employees with the moving overseas process and their corporate moving needs.

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Why 40% of all corporate relocations fail & how to prevent this

It is common place for prosperous businesses to relocate employees for overseas assignments. This is as opposed to hiring domestic workers who may be unfamiliar with the procedures and expectations of the organisation. However, whilst moving staff abroad boasts an array of benefits such as more predictable results and enhanced opportunities for the staff members; it comes at an average cost of around £90,000 per international transfer!

It is therefore pivotal that large-scale corporations invest wisely in their procedures for relocation, this is to ensure consistent results for their working projects overseas. Despite this necessity, it has been reported that 40% of all overseas assignments are judged to be failures; 70% of these cases were attributed to family issues.

HR Departments

Although fraught relations within the family ranks as the top reason for returning home prematurely after an international relocation; there are many ways that HR departments can actively prevent the stress of relocation. One of the ways is the help from specialists who are equipped with essential knowledge so that they can prevent this stress; such as the valued staff members here at Galleon International.

In order to ease this transition and to prevent difficulties when adjusting to the new location; Galleon International Shipping offer the following invaluable services:

1. Expense management during relocation

Your employees will find peace of mind with the knowledge that their payments, rent and deposits are going to be managed in a timely manner; within budget and per all necessary regulations.

2. School search

Ensuring children are sufficiently catered for is inevitably a key priority for any parent, which will be heightened with the stress of relocation. Here at Galleon International, we provide crucial information for all of the conveniently located schools. We help to prepare application documents as well as checking for availability when required.

3. Settling in services

Furthermore, our team work hard to prepare for all necessary provisions. Our team will register the employee and their family with local doctors and dentists; as well as help to set up bank accounts and more, which will be as required by the employee.

4. Language and cross-cultural training

This training allows your employee to effectively integrate into their new location. This will enable family members to make friends and to recognise local norms quicker. These types of services are available for both adults and children.

5. Spousal assistance

Successful corporate relocations cannot happen without spousal or partner support. Therefore, Galleon International place equal importance on the needs of the employee’s partner. Galleon help to find the partners a job as well as helping to support with their healthcare should this be required.

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Avoid The Reduction of Employee Productivity During Corporate Relocation

The relocation process can create substantial distraction and a bit of disorder in terms of an employee’s focus. The reduction in employee productivity is likely to be noteable during corporate relocation. Although difficult to measure, is significant to any business. Therefore, several considerations should be made by from the company’s perspective as an effort to lessen this:

Leave sufficient planning time

It is unfortunately unavoidable sometimes due to circumstance that deadlines are notoriously tight when it comes to corporate relocation. It is important to ensure every necessary element of moving is completed within a given timeframe. Insufficient time given to employees to consider or plan their international relocation. Alongside the physical move can result in increased stress levels for the employee and therefore a reduction in productivity.

Families are a critical element of consideration in the process of corporate relocation.

Important information needs to be explained, not only in good time, but also to the appropriate people. The candidate, together with the employer, should be informed of all relevant details to ensure that there is no threat of critical information getting lost.

Appropriate assistance

As an employer, it is key that you give assistance where necessary regarding the issues surrounding international relocation.

The need to advise employees on their home requirements and assistance with home purchase is advised. Without this the employee may become hesitant to take part in the relocation.

However, the relevant documentation involved in a move, the moving surveys, packing and necessary storage you can leave to Galleon International! We keep both company and employer abreast of all the necessary information.

Consider Flexible Working Arrangements

Allowing the employee to work remotely when needed during relocation can offer huge benefits to productivity while your employee gets settled. You avoid the potential danger of an individual falling behind and the demand of their workload can be reduced hugely.

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