Telling your family and friends can be an emotional event.

Telling your family and friends can be an emotional event.

Relocating overseas can bring a multitude of emotions; especially at the time you choose to announce to family and friends of your decision to leave your home and all that is so familiar.

Perhaps not so much the case that you are fearful of entering the ‘Unknown’; but more of how it will be perceived by those that are close to you. The fleeting thoughts of expected reactions. Will they be upset, excited, or worried? There are many other factors to consider beyond your own thoughts.

Apart from wishing to provide them collective assurances. Maybe seek the positives aspects of how you can communicate and maintain contact.

With us all having exposure to media and social outlets so readily to hand, is it really so difficult now?

With SKYPE, FaceTime, Facebook, WhatsApp, E-mail, to name but a few, the options really are not as limited as they were 20-30 years ago. With photos and videos so easy to upload and transmit; your friends and family can participate, share and comment on your new life.  Positives by far exceed the Negatives.

Enjoy the journey together.

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