Australian Advantage: Enhancing Talent Acquisition, Australia to UK

As one of the global leaders in specialist and higher education, Australia has a robust and globally mobile talent pool, with skilled professionals in healthcare, technology, engineering, and finance.In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why a growing number of UK-based international businesses are turning to Australia for talent acquisition, and strategies for relocating professionals from Australia to the UK.

Why Recruit Talent From Australia?

Is the best talent worth looking on the other side of the world for? In a word, yes. Australia is renowned for its highly skilled workforce in various industries, with Australian professionals excelling in sectors that align perfectly with the skill needs of many UK-based businesses. The historic ties between Australia and the UK, and the outward-looking culture that encourages many Australian young professionals to work and travel abroad, makes the UK an ideal destination for many Australians looking to expand their career. 

In engineering and technology, in particular, Australia has cultivated an environment of innovation and forward thinking among its graduates, making its talent pool immensely attractive to the UK’s burgeoning tech and renewable energy sectors.

Australian finance professionals are also well versed in global financial challenges, with Sydney playing host to some of the world’s foremost banks and financial institutions. Many of the leading Australian finance professionals working in London, Berlin, and other global centres started their career in the Asia-Pacific markets of Sydney and Melbourne.

Visas And Work Permits

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between the Australian and UK governments in 2021 streamlines the process by which Australians can acquire permits and visas to work in the UK. The Tier 2 (General) Visa, Intra-company Transfer, and the Global Talent Visa are just some of the migration pathways available for Australian nationals, with each pathway catering to different professional levels and circumstances, ensuring a fit for purpose approach to immigration. From a HR perspective, this makes it easier for you to source Australian talent and support your new recruits through the immigration process, whether they are filling a six-month work placement or intend to move to the UK permanently.

Successful Talent Retention

Attracting Australian talent is only the first step in your strategy; successful talent retention is also critical. Turnover can be high among Australian professionals working abroad, with many returning home or moving on to other positions, so it’s important for British businesses to cultivate an inclusive and supportive working environment that recognises and values the skills and contributions of their Australian employees. This support could include addressing the potential challenges involved in relocating families, proactively addressing cross-cultural dynamics, and providing opportunities for professional development, community integration, and career progression.

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