Top Budgeting Tips for Corporate Relocation

Unlike previous decades. Our current digital driven business landscape has opened up the possibility of moving overseas an entire department or branch of your business. However, it is not without its challenges.

For some companies, the prospect of moving your team to a different region or country makes economic sense. Yet, despite attempting to boost your bottom-line revenue. Moving abroad comes with a number of costs which can add up pretty quickly if done incorrectly!

At Galleon International, our team have put together a list of tips to bear in mind when considering an overseas move for your business.

Get Estimates from Multiple Corporate Relocation Services

As soon as you have decided where your team will be moving to. You need to start thinking about the logical aspects of moving. After all, moving offices and employees can be a massive undertaking and you’re going to want a team of global relocation experts to help you get the most value from moving.

We recommend you obtain a number of estimates from reputable moving firms like Galleon International Shipping. Find the one that best suits your business relocation budget.

Understand Your Rights As A Business

In the UK, there are a number of guidelines that both the international moving company and yourselves must adhere to. Before, during and after relocating employees. For example, your moving experts must move your client’s belongings in a timely manner. Providing a written record of the valuables being dispatched. It’s important to ask your moving company about these guidelines before you go ahead. To ensure the entire logistical process runs smoothly.

Work With A Relocation Management Company

A selected Galleon International corporate relocation management company will have expert knowledge and extensive experience within corporate relocation services. We will be able to provide you and your employees with the resources and tools you will need to ensure a smooth and successful relocation process.

Providing ongoing employee support services, supplier management, relocation benefits and expense management like our corporate global mobility services do, is crucial.

Here at Galleon International. We can help to manage your business relocation budget and offer your employees a positive, stress-free moving experience.

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