The Five Best Cities In Australia For Brits To Move To

Australia is a diverse country, with each state and city having a distinctive regional culture, economic focus, and climate. There are also different job opportunities and skills requirements, depending on where you go, so if you are thinking of moving from the UK to Australia, the question of location deserves careful consideration.

In this article, we’ll look at the five best places to move to in Australia, based on their popularity with British expats.

Moving To Australia Guide

1. Sydney, New South Wales

With its distinctive opera house and Harbour Bridge, Sydney is the iconic face of Australia, offering immigrants a dynamic and multicultural environment with no shortage of employment opportunities, especially in the computer technology and finance sectors. Sydney enjoys a mild temperate climate with warm – not oppressively hot – summers, with easy access to beaches and water sports locations. With a strong British influence in its historical roots, UK expatriates often find it easy to adjust to their new home, and the city’s extensive expat network makes it easy to make social connections.

2. Melbourne, Victoria

Characterised by its moderate oceanic climate, Melbourne is known for its inclusive cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant art scene, making it Australia’s main centre for live music, theatre, and galleries. There is also a distinctly European café culture in the city, resonating well with many British immigrants to the city.

3. Brisbane, Queensland

With a warm and sunny climate and proximity to some of Australia’s most stunning beaches, Brisbane offers an attractive lifestyle choice for people looking to escape colder climates. For skilled workers, the city’s creative industries and tech start-up sector also on the rise provide valuable opportunities for well-paid careers. Summers can be hot and humid compared to the UK, which might require some adjustment, but the laid-back ‘hipster lifestyle’ of the city usually makes it relatively easy for Brits to integrate. Property is also more affordable here compared to Sydney and Melbourne.

4. Perth, Western Australia

Perth is the most isolated major city in Australia, creating a vibrant cultural bubble and a close-knit community feel, despite the size of the city. Western Australia has a Mediterranean-style climate, with hot dry summers and mild winters, and many migrants move to Perth for its relaxed lifestyle and easy access to vast areas of natural beauty and outdoor activities. It is also a magnet for professionals in the mining, engineering, and renewable energy sector.

5. Adelaide, South Australia

Known for its location as the capital of Australia’s winegrowing region, Adelaide is a family friendly city, with a slower pace of life compared to Australia’s hectic financial centres. Adelaide is a fairly small and uncongested city, but nevertheless has everything that families need to live a fulfilled lifestyle, including excellent amenities, education centres, and cultural events.

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Moving To Australia Guide

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