Dreaming Of Moving Down Under: 5 Reasons To Move To Australia

For many, moving to Australia is the ultimate life ambition, a chance to set up a new home in an idyllic, almost paradisal, location. With stunning natural landscapes, enviable weather, and a famously relaxed lifestyle, it's no wonder that Australia remains an enduringly popular destination for Brits looking to start a new life overseas.

If you are considering moving overseas, Australia may not be an inaccessible as you might think. Brexit may have made it more difficult to relocate to Europe, but Australia has recently expanded its programme of three-year work visas and actively encourages British people with desirable skills to move permanently Down Under. So, what are the principle reasons to move to Australia?

Moving To Australia Guide

1. An Enviable Lifestyle

Firstly, Australia's legendary outdoor lifestyle is a major draw for Brits less enamoured with the UK’s more subdued landscapes. With approximately 12,000 beaches fringing the continent – so many that it would take 32 years to visit one each day! – there are endless opportunities for adrenalin-surging activities, such as surfing and snorkelling. With the world’s largest number of national parks and a pleasant year-round climate, residents can enjoy varied outdoor recreation, from hiking and camping to swimming and sunbathing, while coastlines and cities boast a vibrant cafe culture and high-quality restaurants.

2. A Strong Economy

Australia’s economy is strong, with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expected to grow by approximately 2 per cent in 2023 and 2024, according to the OECD. Major industries, such as mining, healthcare, construction, tourism, and financial services are ripe with openings for qualified expats. Unemployment is lower than in the UK, while the minimum wage is 16 per cent higher, currently standing at $23.23. Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne offer exciting career development pathways for ambitious expats wanting to develop their CVs.

3. A Rich Family Life

Moving to Australia from the UK with family may be a daunting prospect, but families are drawn by the country’s high-quality healthcare and education systems. Under Medicare, citizens receive subsidised access to doctors, hospitals, and other services. Schooling is of excellent quality, and universities such as ANU, the University of Melbourne, and UNSW attract global students.

4. A High Standard Of Living

The enviable lifestyle in Australia is also shaped by a political climate that promotes equal opportunity along with cultural diversity. Clean air, well-planned cities, and a rich arts scene further enhance Australia's liveability, while the standard of living – one of the highest in the world – is underpinned by excellent job prospects and a healthy economy. In fact, the Human Development Index (HDI) currently ranks Australia fifth in the world based on key factors such as education, healthcare, job prospects, and literacy.

5. The Perfect Location To Explore

Finally, Australia's central location in the Asia-Pacific region makes it a perfect starting point for expats wishing to explore neighbouring countries. Weekend or extended trips to Bali, Fiji, and New Zealand are easy and convenient, with excellent transport connections from cities across Australia.

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Moving To Australia Guide

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