Lump Sum and Traditional Corporate Relocation Options

When it comes to corporate relocation there is more than one way to assist your employees to their new assignments overseas.

Many companies will opt for either a traditional international relocation program; a lump sum option, or a combination of the two. The company’s option choice is often dependent on the circumstances and position of the transferee.

Lump Sum Relocation Option

Employees are given pre-determined funds to cover all aspects of their move and it then becomes entirely their responsibility; such as the shipping of goods to temporary housing. The transferee is solely in charge of the researching and obtaining of every service they require when moving overseas.

Problems can occur when the employee has no prior moving experience and so feels out of their depth; likewise for the employer.

HR and finance departments don’t have access to tracking or reporting. And so, as a result, they are unable to know whether their relocation policies are too generous. Consequently, the company could be paying too much or too little money than necessary.

Galleon International are at hand to provide support to the individual who has been given their lump sum. This will ensure that the process will run smoothly under the above circumstances.

Traditional Relocation Option

As a result of the traditional relocation option, our international moving company are able to be in charge of the company and employee situation.

With the regular feedback and reports from our experts, our company have peace of mind that the job is being done correctly. This shows that the transferee has the support they need for a successful move.

Traditional relocation programs tend to be used more frequently than lump sum options; this is because both parties feel more in control of the move.

However, there is a large percentage of companies that utilise a combined approach to suit the particular employee.

How Galleon International Can Help

Galleon International can assist with either option. This is true whether we deal direct with an individual and their lump sum or we deal with a company.

For more information on how we can help with your international relocation. Get in touch today on 01708 868 068 or email