How Spouse and Partner Career Support Can Benefit Your Employees?

When agreeing to relocate as part of their job. Employees will be taking in to consideration the company’s corporate relocation programs and services. After all, there is a wide range of technology and tools that make the moving overseas process so much easier and smoother.

However, when an employee is offered an overseas move. It’s important to consider their spouse or partner’s needs and involve them in the corporate moving process. Often, a new job for the transferee means a job change for their spouse or partner as well. In addition to moving abroad. The more support and information your company is able to provide to the employee’s significant other. The more likely the relocation will be successful!

Therefore, along with services targeted to the transferee. It’s important your global mobility scheme must provide support services for spouses and partners.

At Galleon International. We have been helping businesses and families make the leap into global relocation for decades. Our team of global relocation experts have put together a list of programs you can offer your employee’s family when moving away:

1. Spouse/Partner Pre-Decision Support

Firstly, prior to making the big decision, spouses and partners should receive consultation. Allowing them to ask any questions or raise any concerns they may have about their new location. This could include: local average salary information, cost of living assessments, job market information. Or questions about local companies and organisations they may be interested in.

At Galleon International. Our experts will work with both the company and your employees to arrange pre-decision meetings. Acting as a middle-man to help voice any of the partner or spouse’s concerns.

2. Online Assistance

Unfortunately, your corporate relocation services team cannot be by your employee’s side 24/7. However, using an online assistance portal can help answer any questions they may have about their new location. Providing a more personal level support for the assignee.

In addition, providing information to support local job searches or professional development opportunities. This service is a good addition and helpful resource for your employee’s partner.

3. Professional Career Services

Keep in mind that this could be the partner’s first time applying for a job in a new location. Meaning this will be a strange, new experience for them! By offering a structured careers program. It will help them create their personal brand via LinkedIn profiles and resume writing assistance.

At Galleon International, we provide a wide range of these corporate relocation programs so the transferee’s families are prepared to participate in the relocation process. With a focus on success and positivity. Our team is bursting with professional moving specialists who understand the importance of being flexible and organised when moving overseas.

Therefore, for more information on how your business could benefit from Galleon International’s, corporate global mobility services. Get in touch today on 01708 868 068.