Streamline The Transition of Moving Countries

Moving house takes immense planning and preparation, even when you’re staying within your existing town or region. Moving overseas, however, is an altogether more complex undertaking. Streamlining the transition can slash your expenses, save time, and alleviate some of the stress: a simple way to do this is to reduce the volume of possessions you take with you.

Working with an international removals company, such as Galleon International, can significantly simplify the process of relocating overseas, but decluttering your home before the move is a positive step you can take yourself.

Best Tips For Decluttering Your Home


1. Break The Emotional Attachment To Your Possessions

The first step in decluttering is to emotionally detach yourself from your possessions. Decluttering can be liberating but you don’t need to dispose of your memories or the positive associations that your possessions hold, however. Understand that it's not the items themselves that are important, but the memories and feelings they represent. Consider taking photos of sentimental items you can't keep, allowing you to cherish the memories without physically holding onto the item.

2. Categorise Each Item

Categorise your possessions into four groups: keep; donate; sell; and discard. This simple and practical approach helps to streamline the packing process and reduces the amount of space you will need when moving. Be honest about which items you use and really need to keep. Items that haven't been used for a year or two are prime candidates for donation or selling. Possessions that can be sold will raise capital to help pay towards your moving expenses.

3. Embrace A Minimalistic Approach

Adopting a minimalistic approach to home organisation can be incredibly liberating. This doesn't mean living with next to nothing but making sure that everything you own serves a purpose or adds value to your life. Optimising your storage solutions and creating a clean slate in your new living space will help to create a more peaceful and organised life abroad, and speed up the unpacking when you arrive.

4. Remember The Environmental Impact 

When discarding unwanted items, remember that it is important not to tip everything into a landfill. In the first instance, donate unwanted items to charity – even if they are not in prime condition, there will often be a market for your less-than-perfect possessions. If items cannot be sent to charity, recycle as much of them as possible, particularly metal, wood, fabrics, cardboard, and electronics, as this will reduce the impact on the environment.

5. Adopt Efficient Packing And Unpacking 

Finally, when packing the possessions you are keeping, use efficient techniques, such as optimising the space in each box and adopting a clear labelling system to avoid confusion. Pack room by room, and label each box with its contents and which room it belongs in. This step-by-step approach will ensure a smooth unpacking process in your new home, making setting up easier and quicker.

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