How To Tell Your Family That You Are Relocating To Another Country

One of the most difficult and emotionally wrenching aspects of relocating to another country is telling your family that you are leaving.

Even if the move is 100% the right thing to do for you, your career, and your children, moving overseas will inevitably involve saying goodbye to old friends, siblings, and parents if they’re not coming with you. Is there a right or wrong way to talk to your family about relocating to another country? In this article, we look at how to break the news clearly and sympathetically, in a way that preserves and builds on the relationship and your bonds of affection.

Don’t Put Off Talking To Your Family

No matter how much you are looking forward to a new adventure, telling the people closest to you that you are leaving can be difficult. It won’t be an easy conversation, so it is important to communicate clearly and with empathy and prepare for potentially difficult and negative reactions. Your decision may come as a surprise to them. They may be upset or take the decision personally as a reflection on them or your relationship.

In light of this, it is tempting to put off telling your family until your plans are advanced. We don’t recommend you do this. Even if talking to your family is hard, it’s always preferable to let them know as soon as possible and engage them with the process as much as you can. Deferring the conversation could make them feel that you were hiding your decision from them, were not concerned about their feelings, or even that you weren’t planning on telling them at all.

Be Confident In Your Decision

Even if your family doesn’t react constructively to your news at first, it is important to be honest and stay firm about your decision. This is your life and your decision, and while it’s important to honour the opinions and feelings of the people close to you, they should also respect your independence and your choices as an adult, even if they don’t agree with them.

Sensitively explain to your family members the reasons behind your decision, and what you hope to gain by your plans, and reaffirm your desire to stay in touch and sustain your relationship. Letting your family know in advance that you’re going to move will give them the time they need to adjust to the news so that it isn’t so traumatic, or as much of a shock when it’s time for you to leave. If you are moving for work, explain why the opportunity is so attractive for you, and how it will benefit your career.

Be Patient And Sensitive

Some people you tell about your plans may be excited and supportive, while others may become visibly upset, or even angry and disparaging. It is important to prepare for all these potential reactions and be patient with your family while they adjust to the news – negative reactions are the result of powerful emotions and, with support and time, your family will probably come around to your point of view once have had the space to assess your reasons rationally.

Appreciate that your family may have practical concerns about your safety, financial security, and emotional wellbeing when you move away. Demonstrate empathy by reassuring them of your plans and being ready to answer any questions they have. If you plan these aspects of your relocation carefully, you’ll hopefully be able to set their mind at rest explaining your provisions to them.

Your family members may also not be familiar with the country you plan on moving to, or could have misunderstandings or misapprehensions about what the place is like. Help them become familiar with the country by explaining why you want to move there, and what you like about the area. Show them photos and make plans for them to come and visit you as soon as you’re settled.

Moving Overseas With Galleon International

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We can help you manage every aspect of your move overseas so that this is one less thing you have to worry about when making that important transition to your new home.

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