Overcoming Homesickness: A Guide to Thriving Abroad and Leaving Home Worries Behind

Moving to a new country, while an exhilarating and life-defining experience, often comes with numerous challenges, of which homesickness is one. Homesickness is, of course, an entirely natural human response and it can affect anyone, regardless of their age or background.

It’s not simply about missing your family and friends, but everything with which you are familiar in the UK, from the culture and food to your favourite shops and, even, the weather. Anything, in fact, that makes Britain distinctive.

Galleon's Ultimate Relocation Checklist: Moving To A New Country Made Easy is an invaluable guide to easing the transition when you move to an overseas home and, in this article, we’ll share our top tips to help you to overcome your homesickness.

Go Digital to Stay in Touch

In the digital age, keeping in touch with family and friends in the UK has never been easier. Regular video calls, messages, and emails can significantly bridge the distance, helping to sustain relationships far more effectively than is possible with letters and phone calls. Sharing your new experiences and hearing familiar voices can greatly alleviate feelings of homesickness and provide a vital reminder that modern technology means that distance needn’t diminish your relationships.

Create a Comforting Home From Home

One of the best ways to cope with homesickness abroad is to make your new living space feel like the home you’ve just left behind. By personalising it with items that hold sentimental value, such as family photographs, favourite books, or ornaments from your previous home, you can breed a comforting familiarity in your new environment. Customising your new home will help alleviate feelings of homesickness and bridge the gap between your previous life and your new one.

Enjoy Familiar Foods and Drink

Experimenting with new dishes is, of course, one of the attractions of living overseas but that doesn’t mean you should ditch your favourites. Enjoying familiar meals can be a real comfort, although they may be hard to source in your new country. Familiar tastes provide a tangible connection to your family roots in an unfamiliar setting. If you can’t find the exact meal or brand in a local restaurant or shop, try to recreate it from scratch.

Build a Social Network

Establishing a social support system in your new home is essential. Try to meet new people and form friendships by attending social events, joining clubs or groups that match your interests, or participating in community activities. Having friends in your new location can significantly reduce feelings of isolation and homesickness, and help you to understand and appreciate the new culture in which you are living.

Maintain a Routine

Finally, establishing a daily routine can provide a sense of stability and normality amid the changes. Whether it’s maintaining a regular exercise routine, planning weekly meals, or setting aside time for hobbies, routines can be comforting, helping you to feel more grounded and in control of your new life.

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