Take A Bite Out Of The Big Apple With These New York City Relocation Tips

Despite its reputation for glitz and glamour, as a Brit moving to New York, it can be daunting relocating to the United States’ biggest city. English may be the dominant language, which certainly addresses one common hurdle for expats moving overseas, but life on the other side of the Atlantic is different in so many ways, from the cost of living to routine healthcare.

In this article, we’ll consider some simple yet essential tips to make your relocation to New York smooth and successful.

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Prepare For The Cost Of Living

New York is unlike any British city for sheer size and spectacle, but one of the biggest shocks is actually the high cost of living. Rent, dining out, groceries, utilities, and public transport all come at premium prices and, compared to London – the UK’s most expensive place to live – maintaining an equivalent lifestyle would cost 30 per cent more.

When calculating the cost of moving to New York, create a realistic budget that accounts for taxes and higher expenses. Make finding affordable housing the priority and maximise your savings by buying cheaper brands, limiting eating out, and taking advantage of sales.

Equip Yourself For Weather Extremes

New York’s weather is extremely variable. Subzero winters bring extensive snow fall and ice while, in summer, the temperature can easily reach 37.8°C (100°F – get used to using temperatures in Fahrenheit!) with debilitating humidity. Invest in sensible clothing choices for extremes of hot and cold. Once you are living in your new home, it’s sensible to regularly check weather forecasts before heading out, as blizzards and summer storms can bring the city to a standstill.

Get To Grips With The Transport System

Mastering New York’s public transport system is critical to survive in the city – particularly if you have previously lived a relatively sheltered life in a UK town or village! Navigating the extensive subway and bus networks takes practice, so study routes, download travel apps, and invest in an unlimited MetroCard which offers unlimited or capped travel for a minimal fee. Cycling is only for the bold amid chaotic traffic.

Be Open Minded

Beyond logistics, adjusting to New York's cultural melting pot requires an open mind. Diversity spans race, religion, cuisine, and customs, so you can avoid a culture shock by befriending locals, trying authentic eateries in Chinatown and Little Italy, and expanding your perspectives. Respect the cultural differences of this cosmopolitan city and you'll soon feel at home.

Be Vigilant

Although crime rates are falling in New York, petty offences persist in some areas. At all times, but particularly at night, exercise situational awareness by keeping valuables secure and out of sight, avoiding deserted streets, and trusting your instincts around suspicious characters. Before signing a lease on a property, check out crime rates in the neighbourhood and, after moving in, invest in simple home security measures or technology.

Understand The Healthcare System

Finally, the UK’s NHS is quite different from the US healthcare system, so you shouldn’t expect to receive free treatment simply by turning up at a hospital or primary care centre. Obtain healthcare insurance to give you full access to medical care and minimise the cost of treatment. Your employer may offer subsidised or free healthcare as part of your employee benefits.

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